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The word "resurrection" in general refers to an event when a deceased person becomes alive again.


The Bible uses the term "First resurrection" in Revelation 20:5 which describes a "resurrection program". This program

  • Started with Jesus' resurrection
  • It will include the resurrection of the believers at the time of the Rapture
  • It will end at the time of Jesus' 2nd coming, when all the "Tribulation saints" will be resurrected

According to the Bible another resurrection will happen at the "Great White Throne Judgment" in Revelation 20:11-15, which will include all the non believers from all the ages.


The chart below summarizes the different times when people can die and shows their future which depends on whether they die as believers or non believers


Time of Death State at Death Time of Resurrection Time of Judgment Final Destination
Believer Non
Rapture 2nd Coming
of Jesus
White Throne
Bema Seat
of Jesus
and Goats
White Throne
Heaven Lake
of Fire
Before Jesus’ resurrection X   X     X     X  
  X     X     X   X
After Jesus’ resurrection X   X     X     X  
  X     X     X   X
During the Tribulation X     X     X   X  
  X     X     X   X
During the Millenium or during the following war X       X     X X  
  X     X     X   X
People who survive the war after the Millenium X   They never die phisically, therefore
they won’t need to be resurrected
    X X  
  X     X   X

There are 9 more resurrection accounts in the Bible. The people in these accounts were resurrected in their phisical body and not in a glorified one. They have died phisically after their resurrection. (See: 1Kings 17:21-24, 2Kings 4:32-35, 2Kings 13:20-21, John 11:43-44, Luke 7:12-15, Matthew 27:52-53, Mark 5:39-42, Acts 20:9-12, Acts 9:36-41).

At the end of the Tribulation during the Battle of Armageddon all non believers will die. (Rev 19:21).

Two groups of people will enter into the Millenium in phisycal bodies, who will repopulate the Earth:
  1. Gentiles who became believers during the Tribulation and survived it
  2. Jewish people who became believers during the Tribulation and were protected by God until the end of the Tribulation
    (Ezekiel 39:29; Zechariah 12:10)
During the Millenium 2 groups of People will reign with Jesus (Matthew 19:28; 1Corinthians 6:2; 1Peter 2:5-9; Revelation 1:6;20:4):
  1. People who were Raptured before the Tribulation (Old Testament and New Testement believers)
  2. People who became believers and have died during the 7 years of Tribulation and were resurrected at Jesus’ 2nd coming

During the Millenium there will be people who die (both believers and non believers: Isaiah 65:17-25)


There will be many people who will survive the Millenium and the battle that will follow it (both believers and non believers). They do not need to be resurrected, since they will not die phisycally. The believers in this group will put on glorified bodies so they can enter into Heaven. The non believers from this group will go to the Lake of Fire.